What meaning can be found in this passing life except in the search for God?  Our purpose is fulfilled only when we see him in each other and in all of creation.  Our duty is to find the sacred in the mundane tasks confronting us each day and to be grateful for the  opportunity presented us to see him and know him more clearly.  In humble gratitude we receive His grace and from that moment on our lives are forever changed.

We are the masters of our fate.  Our thoughts have the ability to lift us up until we can perceive the divine, or drag us down until we are less than animals that go mindlessly about their lives, seeking only to survive until night falls.  Man’s greatest challenge is to first learn to change his own experience of the world by controlling his thoughts and their focus, then to create the change he wants to see in the world by mindful words and deeds.

Today is our starting line.  Let us begin now to awaken to the eternal truth illuminated along the eternal way and begin anew.

(Note:  The photo of the olive trees above was taken on a recent trip to the Garden of Gethsamane on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.  Radiocarbon dating carried out in 1982 indicated some of the wood of the roots dated back 2,300 years.)

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