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The past is an illusion.  It was over and done with.  If  we clung too hard to what was, but no longer is, we will sacrifice our present.   As to the future, it’s an even greater illusion, hidden behind misty untapped potentials and would-be maybes and ifs and thens.  The future we envision today doesn’t yet exist and likely never will.  Every thought, every breath, every inconsequential act, changes our tomorrows until looking back, they are no longer recognizable as the dreams we once held.

The only moment anyone was guaranteed was the one he or she was in.  This moment.  This now. I finally understood what the gurus meant when they said, “There was no past. There was no future. There was only the eternal now.”  Maybe I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around all the esoteric arguments and consequences of the concept of an eternal now, which argued everything that ever happened or would ever happen was happening right now, in this single moment, but I could grasp the basic tenets. This was it.

I couldn’t keep telling myself I would do better tomorrow. I would be more when I had more time to devote to working out, eating better, studying, creating, taking on a new hobby, giving up an old unhealthy habit, exploring a new interest, researching a topic that caught my attention, traveling to new places, trying a new restaurant… There was no tomorrow.  There might never be a tomorrow.  If I wanted to create myself anew, this moment was all I had to work with.  This hour, this day, this week, this now.  And the million dollar question was,  ‘What was I going to do with it?’