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The measure of our unhappiness is the measure of the number of holes we’ve carved out of our souls on the way to where we are now. Our feelings of unhappiness and despair are the universe’s way of telling us we’re heading in the wrong direction. It is only our stubborn refusal to acknowledge our error that keeps us from correcting it.

Remember, each of us is responsible for our own happiness. No one else can make us unhappy without our permission, but we can speed ourselves down the road towards despair on the fleetest of wings because we are the masters of our destinies. The universe will not impede our efforts even to our own self destruction if it is our firm will and intent to destroy ourselves.

Though we claim that is not our intent too many remain mired in untenable circumstances. Today marks the starting line. A place to begin our search. Let us look mindfully at our lives and seek the seeds of our contentment. Let us decide on the one thing we would most like to change… and change it. Commence our search at the bottom, not the top. It is effortless to focus on the easy and ignore what is hard. But it is in addressing the difficult, the dark, and the painful where we unlock the most progress.

Let us go out today in search of the abandoned pieces of our souls we left scattered in the wake of our path towards denial of self. Let us reclaim those lost pieces of ourselves and begin the process of reawakening the entirety of the beauty within each of us.