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Lynn Wood writes books that explore the intersection between ordinary life and the supernatural. Her works dive into (often humorously) the mysteries of reincarnation, the search for meaning, faith, fate, love and destiny. Her latest book, Lessons in Illumination, is a beginner’s guide to the eternal way.  Whether the seeker stands at the starting line or has spent many years along the path to enlightenment, here is an easy to comprehend series of lessons to focus his or her efforts.  The Awakening Series is a romance that spans millennia and follows a young woman’s quest to discover her eternal self against the competing demands of her present life.  The story will appeal to all those who have ever had to choose between the temptation offered by a haunting past and the fear of risking everything for an uncertain, but much desired future.  With the majesty of a fairytale, the eternal struggle of good versus evil, and a hero and heroine torn between their love for each other and the needs of their people, the Awakening delivers a fast-paced, suspense-filled romance. The Firstborn Series explores the connection between angels and mankind.  A story that both lifts its eyes to heaven and probes the darkness of hell, the story is set in the tiny resort town of Bethany Beach.  Two women encounter the Archangel Michael and his fallen brother, Lucifer.  A grandmother and her granddaughter are chosen to receive revelations about man’s history and failings, the battle for heaven, and the apocalypse predicted in the Book of Revelation. Then one of them must offer a defense on man’s behalf against Lucifer’s accusations.  If she fails, man falls.  Yoga Behind the Veil: A Journey of Self Discovery, is about one woman’s 30 day experiment to uncover the mysteries of yoga.  What accounts for its enduring popularity more than 5,000 years after its first appearance in the world?  Along the way she discovers the practice of yoga is ultimately a search for one’s true self and a launching point to understanding the infinite.

Lessons In Illumination……Now Available


A beginner’s guide to the eternal way…

The Awakening Series:



It’s not every day a girl learns about her past lives, an evil force pursuing her through the centuries and a past lover from one of those lives intent on finishing unfinished business…

Book One:  The Awakening

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Each of us lives two lives simultaneously, the one we put on when we enter this physical world and the one eternally ours.  As long as those lives remain safely separate both of our selves are able to co-exist in a single body.  But when the lines between the two begin to blur, we must reconcile our passing existence with our eternal soul or risk going mad, at least in the eyes of this world.

Book Two:  Choose

The Firstborn Series:  Of Archangels, the story of heaven and earth, and the approaching apocalypse.

Michael: Beloved of God:

An Archangel, an old woman, a walk along the beach.  Both with stories to tell, both reluctant to share them.  A book of faith and hope, of angels and mankind, of Michael’s fallen brother, Lucifer and the battle for heaven.


Book One:  Michael, Beloved of  God

Dancing with the Devil:

The Firstborn’s story continues in this sequel to Michael’s visit to earth.  His fallen brother, Lucifer, wants to set the story straight about the history of mankind, his role in the apocalypse predicted in the Book of Revelation, and the future of both man and God’s firstborn as was revealed to him before the count of time commenced.



Book Two: Dancing with the Devil

Yoga:  Behind the Veil… A Journey of Self Discovery

One woman embarks on a 30 day experiment to uncover the secrets of yoga.  What accounts for its enduring popularity 5,000 years after its first appearance in the world?  Was it a form of exercise, a lifestyle choice, or a cult?  Along the way she discovers the practice of yoga is at once a search for meaning, a very personal exploration of one’s past, present and hopes for the future, and a yearning to find our place in the infinite.


3 thoughts on “Books by L.M. Wood”

  1. When will you have the third book of “Awakening” out?

    • Hi Bj- Thanks so much for your interest. I hope you’re enjoying the series. The third book in the Awakening series should be available late fall. I’ve been focused on other projects for the past several months but am excited to now be back full-time on Mary Kate & Con’s story. I can’t wait to share it with you. Happy Reading!
      Warm regards-

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