Prologue to Lessons in Illumination



This little volume is not a voice in the wilderness crying out to be heard.  The contents do not arrogantly shout their message in a futile attempt to rise above the din of the constant media bombardment of this modern age.  Nor does it not draw attention to itself by sporting a flashy façade hoping to be noticed amidst the chaos and confusion of this passing world.  Or ask for celebrity endorsements to validate its wisdom.  There are no extravagant promises to be found between the pages of limitless riches, vast power, never-ending beauty or endless leisure to entice the reader to continue.

Rather, it is a whisper to the souls of those who seek.  To those who even among the heady distractions offered by our modern world are still troubled by a restless spirit, an unquenchable yearning for more.  Unquenchable because this world can never satisfy the soul’s thirst to know itself.  It is impossible for the small wisdom of our current embodiment to comprehend the magnificence of the eternal soul.

So here is a tiny light for those who wander in the darkness searching without direction for the way home. Contained within these pages is a beginner’s guide to the eternal way.

…For my children with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts that yearn, this is my gift to you.

from Lessons in Illumination, available now


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